Getting Started

Once you have completed and submitted the webcam modeling application form it usually takes us 24-48 hours to create your modeling profile and email your login credentials along with instructions on how to complete your profile.

Once your webcam modeling profile has been approved, we will notify you so that we can begin creating a customized career plan tailored to your specific needs.

We will assign a dedicated model agent based upon your experience level to guide you through the process and provide you with any necessary training.


Cam models must be 18 years of age or older with a government issued ID card, driver’s license, or passport.

How To Start Camming From Home:

  • You’ll need a computer, laptop, or smartphone fast enough to live stream with a built-in webcam
  • An HD quality webcam if you device doesn’t have one
  • A reliable internet connection, preferably hard-wired
  • A room with bright even lighting for a high-quality live stream
  • Sexy outfits, lingerie, or a cute bikini
  • Toys to perform paid shows

Cam Models Working In-Studio:

  • Any personal care items needed to do your hair & make-up in our vanity area
  • Sexy outfits, lingerie, or a cute bikini
  • Toys to perform paid shows

Setting Up Your Profile

We have created a comprehensive guide to assist you in setting up your webcam modeling profile. Visit to view our cam models profiles for ideas on creating your own! 

If you require additional help, or for live support contact us. For remote assistance, download TeamViewer QuickSupport prior to contacting us.

*The following information is for cam models working from home. Profile setup for in-studio cam models may differ and will be guided by your model agent*

Cam Models Working From Home

When you first log in to your webcam modeling profile you will be asked to accept the performer agreement and agree to the code of conduct

You will then need to verify your age and identity by taking a selfie while holding your ID. 

TIP – perform this step in a well-lit area, there is a flip-camera button on the top left of the screen you can click to make it easier for you to take the selfie while holding your ID.


Earn an extra 20%-40% – All GirlNextDoorLIVE Models receive social media promotion for their cammodels page!

Change Biopic – Add an image to be displayed on your cam models profile

Edit Personal StatisticsSTART HERE to go page-by-page through the 4 steps. This information will be visible on your cam models profile.

  • Step 1 – Personal Information-Enter your profile stats
  • Step 2 – Kinks-Select up to 5
  • Step 3 – Categories-Select the categories you would like your webcam modeling profile to appear under. New cam models will also appear under the New Models section as well as other categories based on your stats
  • Step 4 – Follow the instructions to add information for your webcam modeling bio

Edit Display Country – Select the Country you will be live streaming from

Edit Geographic Restrictions – For enhanced privacy you may select 5 countries, regions, and cities you would like blocked from seeing your webcam modeling profile

Allow Select Logged-Out Traffic – If you do not wish to have your webcam modeling profile visible to unregistered viewers within your blocked areas, turn this feature off (not in blue)


Registered Account OwnerSTART HERE-Fill in your address information and upload a Proof of Address document.

For proof of address, you may provide a utility bill or cell phone statement that matches the address you provided. Complete the tax information as it applies to you

  • If you’re completing this process on a desktop, you can download one of these documents to your pc, and then upload it from there.
  • If you’re completing your webcam modeling profile from a mobile phone, you can take a snapshot of the document and upload it from your photo library.

*The proof of address document is for admin purposes to verify your identity and payment processing ONLY*

Payment Method – Once your cammodels profile is approved you can choose how you wish to receive payment

Payment History – Review your payment history and view the standard payment schedule (payments are issued weekly)

Change Password – Change your cammodels profile password

Link Accounts – Link accounts with other cam models and perform shows together!

Account Preferences – Select your time zone and other account settings


Media Manager – We highly recommend adding 6 images that will be visible on your cam models profile. You may also add free video content or paid video content here-Contact your model agent if you need any assistance

My Posts – Your model agent will create promotions and messages to help build your fan base

Fan Club Subscriptions – Your model agent will help you create plans to increase your earnings

My Wishlist – Fans can use points to buy you virtual gifts that you receive a paid percentage of

Messenger – Users that have messaged you can be found here. Your model agent will send mass messages to users to drive more traffic to your cammodels room to increase your earnings

Videos – View, edit, and upload videos using Media Manager instead

Linked Account Media – Post content with cammodels you are linked with

Custom Lists – Create custom lists of clients for promotions


Set your desired rate per minute for paid chat sessions. You will be able to increase your rate even higher once you are no longer in the New Models section

Private Chat – Set your desired rate per minute for Private Chat shows

Exclusive Chat – Set your desired per minute rate for Exclusive Chat shows

Block Sessions – Offer discounts for longer paid chats

Rate Analysis – Your model agent will help you choose the best per minute rate


My Earnings – Check your earnings after each paid show, or run daily, weekly, or monthly reports.

My Ratings – Shows the rating given by your viewers, and visible on your cammodels profile

Tags – Viewers can add tags to describe your shows. Tags are used to improve member searches

Time Online – View a summary of the time you spent online for each week

Blocked Customers – View customers you have blocked from messaging or chatting with you

Customized Career Plans

New Cam Models

We’ll begin by discussing your financial goals, the amount of time you would like to dedicate towards webcam modeling each week, and your preferred level of privacy. From there, we can begin to determine the best way to go about it.

For instance, you may wish to work a part-time webcam job to supplement your income while working a full-time job or studying full-time as a student. In such a case, we suggest focusing solely on webcam modeling and avoiding social media content creation to ensure maximum privacy.

For other cam models, full-time webcam jobs present an opportunity to achieve financial independence that is just not possible through regular jobs. These cam models are more comfortable with creating social media content alongside their webcam job to further increase their earnings in exchange for a lower level of privacy.

Ultimately, the decision to become a cam girl and the level of privacy that you are comfortable with are unique to you. We will assign a dedicated model agent to guide you through the process, provide you with one-on-one training, and support you every step of the way.

Experienced Cam Models

As experienced cam models, we recognize that you have already established yourselves in the webcam modeling industry, have set schedules & loyal fans, and already know how to make money as a cam girl.

That’s why we offer a customized approach that aligns with your webcam modeling goals and experience. Your model agent will actively work with you to provide creative ideas to enhance your webcam modeling shows and increase your income.

If you’re looking to transition to our network of premium camming sites, we will work with you to ensure a seamless switch, retaining as much of your existing fan base as possible.

If you already have an existing cammodels profile on our network and you’re looking to switch from your current webcam studio to our webcam modeling agency, we can help you navigate out of your current contract and make the move with ease.

Additionally, we offer fan management services to drive more traffic to your cammodels profile when your online to increase your earnings.

Your model agent can also assist you in creating, managing, and promoting your social media content, so you can continue to earn even when you’re offline.

We understand your needs, and our team is committed to providing personalized support every step of the way.

Creating Your Schedule

Creating a consistent schedule is an important step to becoming successful in your webcam modeling career. 

Establishing the set days & times you will be webcam modeling will help you stay organized and focused. 

You’ll also make it easier for your model agent to plan marketing promotions and for fans to know when they can expect to see you on our camming sites. 

This is an important part of building a loyal fan base.

Consistency is Key

Webcam modeling at consistent times can significantly increase a web cam girls visibility and reach. It can also help boost a web cam girls placement in any algorithms our camming sites use to promote your webcam modeling profile.

Make sure you’re creating a webcam modeling schedule that you can consistently stick to. Even if life gets in the way occasionally (as it does for all of us), aim to meet the schedule you set as much as possible.

Choosing Your Hours

Web cam girls have the flexibility to work at any hour of the day. However, there are certain peak hours to make money camming during which you can expect a larger audience.

These hours might vary depending on your target demographic and their time zones. Your model agent will assist you in determining when your audience is most active online and align your webcam modeling schedule accordingly.

Balancing Work and Personal Life

Remember to make time for yourself. It’s easy to overlook the importance of rest, relaxation, and personal time. Ensure you’re not overworking and set aside moments for other aspects of your life as well.

Setting up your webcam modeling schedule is a dynamic process. It may take some tweaking and adjusting to find what works best for you. But once you find a rhythm, you’re well on your way to establishing a successful webcam modeling career!

Cam Models Need To Know

Ever wondered how webcam modeling became one of the fastest growing adult entertainment jobs in the industry? The answer is simple – it’s about the unique and personal connections that are made with cam models from all around the world.

But what makes webcam modeling so uniquely appealing and popular? The magic lies in the interaction. Whether you have a webcam job from home or from our dedicated webcam studio, fans are able to interact and connect with live cam models!

The sexy lingerie models, nude models, and the most popular live sex cammodels on our camming sites aren’t just virtual personas – they’re real people. Web cam girls offer more than just their physical beauty to their fans; they provide a human connection and create experiences that become unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re just starting out, and still learning how to make money as a cam girl, or already have an established fan base, remember – these connections are the key to your success in the webcam modeling industry. And, of course, these connections are the key to substantial earnings!

First Day Camming

Learning how to start camming might be nerve-wracking for new cam models, but don’t worry!

This section will cover all the basic things you need to know to become a cam girl and kickstart your webcam modeling career.

Remember, your model agent is always available to provide step-by-step training and support.


Regardless of where you’ll be webcam modeling, there are certain items web cam girls should always have on hand to make money camming, such as outfits, toys, and personal care items to do your hair & makeup.

Cam models with work from home webcam jobs

  • Tech Check: Make sure your computer, laptop or smartphone is fast enough to live stream, your webcam is working, and you have a fast, stable internet connection. If you have not already, we highly recommend installing the HD encoder for crystal clear live streaming and better placement on our camming sites! Need help? contact us
  • Lighting: The area where you’ll be webcam modeling should have plenty of bright, even lighting. This will ensure your content is clear and visually appealing.


Consider the look you wish to present. Small details such as your hairstyle, pretty nails, and understanding how lighting conditions might affect your makeup’s appearance can enhance a cam models presence.

For inspiration and ideas, visit and explore the webcam modeling profiles of our web cam girls!

Safety and Privacy

Before you start camming – check your privacy settings. Make sure you have blocked your webcam modeling profile from areas you do not wish to be seen. You can find instructions for privacy settings here

Keep personal details private and be cautious about information you share with fans on our camming sites. You can view our webcam modeling safety tips here

Rules of Conduct

The rules and regulations are in place to ensure the quality and integrity of our camming sites, and our cam models. Some of the most common rules to follow are:

  • Cam models are not permitted to contact fans outside of our platform
  • Cam models are not permitted to meet fans in person
  • No below the waist nudity is permitted in the free chat area
  • No promotion of other sites is permitted on our camming sites
  • Webcam modeling under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited
  • No minors, animals, or firearms are permitted to appear on our camming sites
  • Only cam models with approved accounts are permitted to appear on our camming sites with you

Violating the rules of conduct with result in account suspension or termination. Please read the complete rules of conduct here

Marketing Tips

One of the easiest things web cam girls can do to significantly increase their visibility is to complete their entire webcam modeling profile.
Taking the time to fill out your show description, personal statistics, categories, kinky attributes, posting lots of pics to your webcam modeling profile, and creating video content for sale not only attracts fans it also improves your placement on our camming sites.

Contact your model agent if you need help completing your webcam modeling profile.

Engaging with Viewers

When you first start streaming, you will be live in a free chat area where you can talk or type to interact with viewers when they enter you room.

When a viewer enters your room, they can see you streaming live, but you can only see their username. Say hello and strike up a conversation, from there you’ll soon be off to perform your first paid webcam modeling show!

Remember – you’re in control. You can temporarily or permanently block any viewers from your free or private chat rooms for inappropriate behavior or comments.

Start slow and don’t feel pressured to do everything perfectly on the first day, remember to take breaks and have fun!

After your first day, take the time to reflect on what went well & what didn’t. Your model agent will reach out to provide support and advice on how to further enhance your skills and ways to grow in your career.

Pro Tip Do’s

Do this each time a new viewer enters your room:

  • Smile!
  • Look directly into your webcam
  • Welcome them into your room by their username
  • Ask them to add you to their favorites list
  • Ask them to add a hashtag to your profile

Try giving viewers something to engage with:

  • Do yoga
  • Play with your outfits
  • Clean your toy collection
  • Play some music and dance!
  • Make the most of all traffic that enters your room
  • Ask them to leave you a 5-star review after each paid show

Pro Tip Don’ts

  • Don’t type to interact-Talk
  • Don’t sit there looking bored
  • Don’t ignore viewers that enter your room
  • Don’t be on your phone all the time!
  • Don’t eat or chew gum on cam

Model, Agent & Agency

Webcam modeling is a highly competitive industry. Working alone can seem like an uphill battle, which is why most new cam models quit after just a few weeks.

Even experienced web cam girls often struggle to make money camming without the support of a dedicated team.

Success and financial security begin with you – a dedicated model. They extend to a skilled model agent and further enhanced by the marketing support of our webcam modeling agency. Here’s how we all work together:

Cam Models

When you become a cam girl, your unique personality, creativity, and content are your greatest assets. Your first step to make money camming is to create high-quality, engaging content for your webcam modeling profile.

This includes completing your entire bio, adding sexy lingerie modeling images, nude modeling videos, and more. Your content is the cornerstone of your webcam modeling presence, playing a crucial role in attracting and retaining a loyal fan base. Here’s how it all begins:

Engaging with viewers – A cam models interaction with viewers is key to building a strong webcam modeling presence. The most successful web cam girls aim to maintain a high-quality, engaging stream that lets their personality shine. Cam models – prioritize retaining your regular fans – they are your foundation. By focusing on your existing audience, you’ll be in a better position to maximize the benefits of all incoming traffic. Remember, there are countless ways to remind viewers to visit your webcam modeling profile again.

Keeping a consistent schedule – Consistency is a powerful tool for audience growth. For instance, when cam models stream every Saturday night, viewers will know exactly when to catch them live on our camming sites. Choose a webcam modeling schedule that works for you and stick to it consistently.

Offline Sales Opportunities – Reach out to your model agent to discuss the opportunity to create social media content to increase your earnings. This could be through selling merchandise, personalized sexy lingerie modeling, nude modeling, or adult modeling photos or videos, or any other content you offer. When used effectively, social media can be a potent tool for cam models, providing additional income and expanding your reach.

Model Agents

Our cam models are assigned a dedicated model agent to provide step-by-step training, support, and personalized guidance on how to become a cam girl. Here’s how our model agents contribute to your success:

Training and Support – Your model agent is available to guide you in creating engaging content and visually appealing images & videos for your webcam modeling profile. They provide valuable insights and best practices on how to structure your webcam modeling shows, interact with viewers, and how to make money as a cam girl.

Building Your Fan Base – Model agents help our cam models quickly develop a fan base by showing how to turn viewers into dedicated fans. Their insights and strategies help our web cam girls make money camming faster and earn more than they would on their own.

Fan Management – Our model agents drive traffic to your webcam modeling profile by messaging fans, so they know exactly when you’ll be live on our camming sites again. Model agents also use various tools to deliver custom content your loyal fans can purchase.

Marketing Promotions – Your model agent creates promotional efforts to boost the visibility of your webcam modeling profile. They plan and execute marketing promotions, thereby increasing a cam models opportunity to gain viewers and increase earnings.

Offline Content Sales – Model agents guide cam models who wish to use social media platforms for maximum engagement and assist in creating social media profiles. Model agents help craft engaging content that fans can purchase, enabling our cam models to generate additional earnings outside of their webcam modeling sessions.

Our Webcam Modeling Agency

Our webcam modeling agency provides extensive marketing support to enhance the talent and hard work of our cam models. We offer value in providing our cam models resources they would not otherwise have access to webcam modeling on their own.

We are invested in the emotional and physical well-being of our cam models. Our dedicated model agents provide step-by-step training & support and are part of a larger team dedicated to your growth, promotion, and financial success.

Marketing Support – Our webcam modeling agency provides a broad network of marketing support and resources. We begin by promoting your webcam modeling profile on our camming sites to improve your placement – increasing your visibility to a larger audience and creating greater earning opportunities.

Offline Content Sales – For cam models who desire maximum exposure, we extend the spotlight to social media. By monetizing your content and showcasing it on various platforms, you reach a broader audience and generate offline sales, which helps drive your growth and success.

Comprehensive Digital Support – The process starts with cam models attracting viewers. As your audience grows, our dedicated model agents message viewers so they know exactly when to catch you live on our camming sites again. This constant engagement turns casual viewers into loyal fans.

The fans are then introduced to a cam models social media content, which includes photos and videos. Fans purchases create a stream of offline sales, further increasing a cam models earnings.

This isn’t a one-time event but a continuously rolling cycle – gaining viewers, engaging them, turning them into fans, driving fans to social media content, leading to sales, and then starting all over again.

Comprehensive digital support means our modeling agency handles everything for you, from messaging viewers to managing social media content.

This saves cam models valuable time and allows them to focus on what they do best – maintaining a high-quality, engaging stream, connecting with their fans, and creating captivating content.

This approach is what enables our cam models to earn more than they could on their own.

We hope you found this section informative and that it effectively conveyed the breadth of support provided by our webcam modeling agency, as well as the benefits for our cam models.

We look forward to you joining us!

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